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Why do clients change their minds   The answer can seem pretty simple. Clients changed their mind because they’re paying the bill. Yeah, that’s funny until the whole thing becomes real and then it’s regrettable. In our umpteen years of experience we find it clients change their mind when not all the requirements for Video...
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Making a Good Script Making a Good Script, whether it’s for a movie, play, or television show, possesses several key qualities that engage and captivate the audience. Here are some elements that contribute to a good script: Compelling Story: A good script has a well-crafted and engaging story. It should have a clear beginning, middle,...
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Video Shoot Blueprint A video shoot blueprint, you’ll need to consider various elements that contribute to the overall production. Here are the key steps to follow: Define the Objective for the Video Shoot Blueprint: Start by clarifying the purpose and goals of the video shoot. Determine whether it’s promotional, instructional, documentary-style, or any other type....
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Storytelling tips for Video When creating storytelling tips for video, storytelling plays a crucial role in engaging your audience and delivering your message effectively. Here are some storytelling tips specifically for corporate video production Below, Richmond Corporate Video explores why storytelling is  important for business videos and offers some tips on how you can create...
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Video Marketing Guide Here’s a video marketing guide that can help you create effective video content to promote your business or brand. Developing an effective video marketing guide requires careful thought and planning, but with a bit of effort, it can be achievable for anyone. Below, Richmond Corporate Video explores why a video marketing guide...
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Pre-Launch Video Checklist   Here’s a checklist for a pre-launch video. Below, Richmond Corporate Video explores why a checklist is so important for business videos and offers some tips on how you can create an effective production to get the most out of your video project.          Script: Prepare a well-written script that outlines the...
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Content Marketing Strategy Template                                                                                  Sure! Here’s a Content Marketing Strategy template that you can use as a starting point:                                                     Executive Summary:                                                           Provide a brief overview of your content marketing strategy, including its objectives, target audience, and key messages.                                                            Goals and Objectives: Clearly define your goals and objectives for your content marketing...
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Places to employ Video for your Business Your first port of call on a mission to uncover hidden video ideas within your company should be your customer service representatives. While ideally every interaction with your company is a positive one for your customers, customer service has a unique vantage point on your customers at their...
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If you can’t make your corporate video engaging, don’t make one.     There are several elements to consider when making your company video. From the equipment that you use to the message that you give and who gives that message.   1. Like an elevator sales pitch – keep it short I’ve had my share...
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What to consider when creating your company culture video Your company culture video, sometimes this can stump you at the very beginning. who do I get? how many people should talk on camera and finally I can’t find anybody in the office that wants to do this video and be on camera! What are my options? what...
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