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Legal Videos

When someone is searching for legal assistance, will your website speak to their needs and set you apart from the competition? A professionally made video can present your law practice in a way that connects and tells your story in an engaging way.

Video Production for Law Firms

When a potential client arrives on your law firm’s website, how long do they stay before they click over to your competitor’s website? Are you catching their attention with a video that speaks to their needs or are you losing them to pages of written legal jargon? Our legal video services weaves a video dialogue that creates connections between your firm and the client with an anguishing issue they need solved. Whether its a video deposition or a Day in the Life video our team will relate the story so the jury and judge clearly see how your client’s life has been altered.

Give Prospective Clients a Glimpse into Who You Are


Stop missing out on business you should be winning. Richmond Corporate Video can help you create a video presence online and give prospective clients a glimpse into who you are and why they should hire your firm.

Law Firm’s Core Values and Professionalism

Video can demonstrate your law firm’s core values and professionalism while helping you stand out from other Richmond, VA. firms. With Richmond Corporate Video’s help, you can visually highlight your legal services for potential clients at the exact moment they’re searching for legal help.


Potential clients in need of legal assistance are searching for your firm right now. Will they find the information they’re looking for?

Legal Video Services include:
Day In The Life Videos

Bring the jury into a day in the life of your client to show their hardships. These videos are created as evidence for trial, and are one of the best ways to show a jury your clients unique point of view.


A day in the life personal injury documentary puts the jury in your client’s shoes, is the only way to assist jurors’ appreciation of the day-to-day hardships and the impact a traumatic event has had on your client is a professionally produced Day in the Life video. In catastrophic cases, seeing the numerous medical professionals and attendant caregivers in action, helps the jury understand the costs involved in the life care plan.

Deposition Videography

We provide On location filming i.e. courtrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, law firms. Need to review the deposition with counsel, no waiting with our On location recording real time viewing. Visuals help the jury see your client’s depiction of the events a Crime scene and location walkthrough paints that picture for them. HD video depositions allow for jurors to see and hear your witnesses as if they were live in the courtroom. There’s no substitute for show and tell, so take advantage of video and have your witness use exhibits and demonstrative aids to support their testimony.


A common misconception among lawyers is that no one wants to watch a video about law services. The truth is if visitors are coming to your website they are very interested in what you have to say. A professionally-produced video is the perfect way to showcase your expertise and knowledge, provide practical information, and answer commonly asked questions. These types of videos add significant value to your website and position you as an expert in your practice area. 

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