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Pre-Launch Video Checklist

Pre-Launch Video Checklist


Here’s a checklist for a pre-launch video. Below, Richmond Corporate Video explores why a checklist is so important for business videos and offers some tips on how you can create an effective production to get the most out of your video project.


  1. Prepare a well-written script that outlines the key points you want to cover in the video. Include an introduction, main content, and a call-to-action at the end.

                  1. Storyboard: Video Marketing production

  2. Create a storyboard or a visual outline of how the video will flow. This helps in planning the visuals, transitions, and overall structure of the video.
                  1. Location and Set:

  3. Determine the location and set design for the video. Choose a suitable backdrop or create a set that complements the theme or message of your launch.
  4. Equipment:

  5. Ensure you have all the necessary equipment for shooting the video. This includes cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, tripods, and any other accessories needed to capture high-quality footage.
  6. Visual Design:

  7. Decide on the visual style and design elements for your video. This includes color schemes, graphics, animations, and any other visual elements that will enhance the video’s aesthetics.
  8. Talent or Presenters:

  9. If you’re including people in the video, select the appropriate talent or presenters who can effectively convey the message and represent your brand.
                  1. Wardrobe and Makeup: marketing video

  10. Plan the wardrobe and makeup for the talent or presenters. Ensure they are dressed appropriately and that their appearance aligns with your brand image.
                  1. Props and Visual Aids:

  11. Prepare any props or visual aids that will be used during the video. These can include product samples, charts, graphics, or any other items that help illustrate your message.
  12.                                                                            Timing and Length:

  13. Determine the ideal length for your video based on the content and target audience. Keep it concise and engaging, typically within the range of 1-3 minutes.
  14. Rehearsals:

  15. Conduct rehearsals with the talent or presenters to ensure they are comfortable with the script, timing, and delivery. This helps in minimizing mistakes during the actual recording.
  16. Music and Sound Effects:

  17. Choose appropriate background music and sound effects that enhance the video’s impact. Ensure you have the necessary licenses or rights to use the audio content.
  18. Editing Plan:

  19. Outline your editing plan, including the transitions, visual effects, and any post-production work required to make the video polished and professional.
  20.                                                                               Call-to-Action: Steve Bryant PLC legal videos, marketing video

  21. Determine the desired action you want viewers to take after watching the video. Craft a compelling call-to-action and plan how to include it effectively in the video.
  22.                                                                              Distribution Strategy:

  23. Plan where and how you will distribute the video once it’s ready. Consider platforms like YouTube, social media channels, email newsletters, and your website.
  24.                                                                          Promotion Plan:

  25. Develop a promotion plan to maximize the reach and impact of your video. This can include teasers, social media posts, email campaigns, or collaborations with influencers or partners.
Remember, each video production may have unique requirements, so feel free to adapt this checklist based on your specific needs. Good luck with your pre-launch video!