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Motion Graphics

From storyboarding, music, voice overs to fully animated title screens and segments, Richmond Corporate Video can provide production and creative that best fits your needs.

Motion Graphics

With a motion graphics video we believe that, above all else, people need to understand what you do, why you matter, or how you’re different because they won’t buy what they don’t understand. Whether you are B2B, B2C, or an NGO we are ready to tell the world your story for that “AHA!” moment. Whether you need a product marketing video, explainer video, brand video, lead generation video, sales enablement video, motion graphics video or a social media video we are here to help. We do all styles from 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics.


Motion graphic videos for business are a powerful way to increase your message’s impact and capture attention. Best of all, they are cost-effective to produce and serve a role much longer than a traditional TV ad.


Some things don’t need to be explained. But when you’ve created something new, or you have an unexpected solution to a problem, or the problem is just too dang complicated, you need to explain it. Your audience is smart, so they aren’t just going to believe that your solution works. They want proof. An explainer video isn’t just about explanation, though. It has to show more than how it works, what it does, or whom it helps. It needs to show the value. That’s what creates the a-ha moment for them. The epiphany. When they have that experience of your value, they move from interest to desire.

Compelling Motion Graphics Videos

Studies have found that landing pages with a motion graphics video have an 88% increase in time spent by visitors and increased landing page conversions by at least 80%. Why? Well, for one, they spend time watching the motion graphics video. And after that, they want to know more, so they read, scroll, click, and go deeper into your site. The longer they’re there, the more they learn. The more they learn, the likelier they are to buy.


Whether you’re considering motion graphics video for marketing purposes or as a way to train and education the general public, Richmond Corporate Video can produce compelling animation that connects with your audience through effective storytelling and editing.

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