Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater
Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater

Engaging Corporate Video

If you can’t make your corporate video engaging, don’t make one.

There are several elements to consider when making your company video. From the equipment that you use to the message that you give and who gives that message.


1. Like an elevator sales pitch – keep it short

I’ve had my share of customers who wanted to tell the company‘s life story and so much detail that even I couldn’t get through the scripting process, ha ha. It’s not that the client was necessarily long-winded rather They felt that the more information they knew about the company it would be easier to make an educated decision. Keep it to two or three nuggets that are your most powerful and that should be enough to engage the customer to contact you.

2. Create a small library of videos for the services you offer.

For many company decision makers this is always a tough pill to swallow. So many feel and believe that one or two videos should check off the box for the next few years. One reason for this mentality is because they don’t put themselves in the customers shoes but rather stay in their own. They already know what the company is all about they live it every day so two videos should be more than plenty. The more videos to walk through your customers through the services and products you offer the easier you make it for them to make a decision on doing business with you.

3. Professional standards and quality.

Here’s where some people get tripped up. Yes the quality of cell cameras today are pretty impressive. Heck most shoot in 4K! It doesn’t mean that just because your cell phone can shoot in 4K that it’ll also automatically spit out this professional beautiful video. And their lies and misconception. You still need to understand production value, quality scripting, editing and camera work.
A great example of botched attempts at professionalism are all over social media every day. the guy holding up the cell phone and it’s shaky, crooked, the framing and composition is terrible! Just because it’s on social media doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in another platform say for example LinkedIn or your business’ website.
Hire a company to help you create your videos.

4. “Ease his pain”…

From the movie Field of Dreams The Voice kept telling Kevin Costner‘s character to ease his pain that being ultimately his father’s. In this last piece of advice I want to extrapolate that to make sure your content is there to help your customer, ease their pain. Answer the Why question. Talk to your department folks and find out what are the greatest concerns with customers and repeat customers and use that information to create your content. By answering the most important questions your customers have you make it easier for them to trust you and to want to do business with you.
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