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Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater

Your Company Culture Video?

What to consider when creating your company culture video

Your company culture video, sometimes this can stump you at the very beginning. who do I get? how many people should talk on camera and finally I can’t find anybody in the office that wants to do this video and be on camera! What are my options? what can I do? here’s a few pointers to consider.

1. Should the boss man or owner of the company be your go to guy to be on camera?

More and more we’re seeing less of that! It had always been the standard dating back to the 70s and 80s that having the owner of the business meant that you had access to talking to the owner if needed. That the owner that’s speaking on camera meant the company is still small enough where you can actually talk to the CEO. But times have changed over the decades and now that same CEO that same boss man comes across as more on relatable. You may want to consider those who are in the front lines that come across as a regular Joe or Jane like you and me.

2. Tell them why you love what you do.

Social media has done wonders to shift the mentality of explaining what is it that you do to why you love what you do. The customer has been trained or even re-educated not to ask what it is that you do it why you love doing it. In your answer they will synthesize if your passion and commitment reassures them that you will do a good job and put that energy into their project. The customer is making the assumption that you’re good at what you do. Now tell us why you love it.

3. Can you get a customer to fill-in for an employee?


It may come across like a testimonial but when you have your customers testify why they chose you and what was it about your people that made them feel that they were placing their trust in the right hands, that will do wonders for winning over your customer.

4. Get someone who is verbose and engaging.

The last thing you want is someone who will speak in a monotone voice or deadpan expression. OK that was a painful obvious. Sometimes depending on where you work that may be your only option. Hopefully that’s not the case. Look for the most talkative, extrovert and engaging person in the office or inside the company. They will more likely be the best candidate to sit in front of camera and lights and not be intimidated and be able to deliver the message your company needs for the customer to see.



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