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Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating of all content. They give potential customers the opportunity to see the results of your work, as told by real-life clients.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos can help you a lot when it comes to building trust and informing your target audience about how good your product is. In this context, we can say that these types of videos work very well for the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. Remember that at this point, your prospects are aware of a certain problem/need they have, and found you among the most interesting alternatives in the market, BUT are not sure if they should go with you or not. So, customer testimonial videos are the “push” they need to take that next step. Your clients are some of your biggest advocates. As such, client testimonial videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools available for establishing credibility and trust. Actual user experience from a real-life customer may be just the vote of confidence your potential customers need in order to choose your company over the competitors.


Telling Stories That Build Stronger Brands


With our video testimonial service, we can get different angles of your client, as well as sufficient “b-roll” footage to showcase your product, facility, staff, and overview of the services you provide. When edited together with your client’s words, this creates a compelling affirmation of your skills and abilities for new customers.


High Quality Client Testimonial Videos

Employee Testimonial Videos

Employee Testimonial Videos are key in telling current and future employees why working at your company is their best career move. Conversely, it serves as an employee retention video that reminds the like-minded staff that they are part of a greater team that works for the greater good.


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Testimonials, Case Studies & Third-Party Endorsements

At Richmond Corporate Video, we believe that a client testimonial video is more than a camera pointing at a talking head. It takes careful technique and skilled editing to avoid a cheap infomercial appearance. Our team takes the time to use proper lighting and backdrops that are inviting for viewers. We ask questions that create comfortable dialogue, lending authenticity to the video. Most importantly, we capture the gratitude the client has for your business from their first-hand account with your product or services. Customer Testimonials, case studies and other types of third-party endorsements are a great alternative to encourage your prospects to say “yes” to your proposal, to achieve your marketing goals and -ultimately- to increase your sales.

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