Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater
Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater

Why Your Business Needs a Video

Why should your business have a video

The most effective fastest way to tell your story to talk about your product or service is with a video. Think of it as your 24 hour seven day a week spokes person that tells the same concise story without making changes or contradicting itself because it’s telling it a different time every time you were cited it sticks to the script that you work so hard.
Video quickly becomes the face of your business. What a better and more controlled opportunity to craft together imagery that speaks positively about your service your product and your people.
No the written word has always been effective but the brain processes video imagery 60,000 times faster than text there’s some science you can believe in.

Reach more people with your website and social media

It’s not new news that video is much easier to share and more compelling unless of course you belong to the New York book club then eyebrow and step aside. But whether we like it or not Video is the language of today’s society and if you want to convey your story your message your brand your product or service video is the vehicle that everyone drives in and is looking for.
No, a common misconception is that no one shares a business video like they do something comical or a fail or something cute you see on YouTube. Keeping things relative, how to videos are still number one. More important than anything else is if you relate to your viewer with your product of your service they are 12 times more likely to engage with you and five times more likely to share it with a colleague on social media.
Stepping away from the human factor and looking at your return on investment you can track the success of your video or video series with Google. Google loves video so long as you follow a few of their tracking instructions like putting all the keywords and descriptive thumbnails.  Video rewards you’re on site optimization with links back to YouTube.

Just a facts please

90% of web online viewers say that video guides their decision buying down the sales funnel
65% of ads of executives who watch business videos visit the website
64% of viewers who visit a company website I’m more likely to buy in part due to the video
Real estate agencies claim they get over 400 more inquiries when they use a video to show off A commercial or real estate  property

So what’s holding you back

Is a direction from upper management that just isn’t aware or see the value in video? Is it a question of budget? Or is it the all ominous not knowing where to start on something you’re not familiar with and it’s just easier to put this on the back burner whatever the reason is every month you don’t increase the broadband the bandwidth of your sales the more dollars you leave behind at the table and that’s a fact. If you’re looking for a place to start but just don’t know how to contact us we’d love to help.