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Video Marketing strategies – 2021

The State of Marketing Strategies with Video for 2021


Video Marketing production

Well, with 2021 almost in the books here are some early stats to let you know how video marketing for business has done this year will shoot you some of the most telling stats courtesy of Statista:

Online videos made up more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic that’s 15 times more than 2017
78% of people watching online video every week
HubSpot reports that 54% of consumers want to see more video contacts from the brand or business they already do business with
According to opt in monster 84% of people say they are convinced and purchase a product or service after watching the Companies’  videos
In 20 1862% of businesses use Video as a marketing in their marketing campaign as of 2021 that number is up to 86%
66% of marketing agencies  get more qualified leads per year ( optinmonster )
World stream reports for 2021 that 1/3 of all online activity is credited to viewing videos
85% of the Internet audience of the United States views online videos statistics
Think with google announced that six out of 10 people prefer watching an online video than regular cable TV
According to E marketer what is 75% of all videos are played on a mobile device
Here’s a shocker social media week reports in 20 2175% of US prefer watching a video in landscape mode as a post to 25% in portrait mode
Still have your doubts about making your videos graphic heavy? 92% of consumers watch videos with the sound off coupled with 50% of the consumers rely on captions
Now this gets a little tricky for business video strategy and HubSpot reports for 2021 that personalized videos are 35% more likely to retain viewers as compared to your traditional business video.
Are you looking to advertise on YouTube with a pre-roll video? CNBC reported that 65% of you were skip the online video ads if given the option
As of October 2021 HubSpot announce that in the United States the most popular viewing time for online videos is Wednesday morning between 7 to 11 AM Pacific time
In a world where less is more and peoples attention span continually shrinks the stats are in to support just that; half of the videos viewed globally in 2020, 56% or less than two minutes long. It is suggested that that number will drastically dropped to 60 seconds within two years.

Off page videos and social media

If you’re struggling on whether to place a video on social media marketing help line reports that videos posted on social media get 48% more views
73% of people want to see entertainment videos on social media according to HubSpot this means a fresh and out of the box approach for businesses to get a potential customers attention
We all know that reviews are key to drawing in a potential customer to your business make room for the blogs global web index reported that almost 16% of social video viewers use blogs to research products
The top four platforms for viewing video are as follows according to overload YouTube 88% Facebook 76% LinkedIn 66% and Instagram at 65%
The power of YouTube
Eight out of 10 searches on Google include video that are listed on YouTube search metrics
In October 20 21 limelight issued this stat, 65% of yours say that YouTube is her favorite channel for consuming video content
YouTube is the second most preferred contact for millennials for their online videos after Netflix HootSuite
globally 40% of shoppers that they purchase products that they discovered watching it on YouTube think with Google
daily live streams on YouTube group 45% over 2020 to 2021 YouTube trends
Facebook still commands  some respect
Tech crunch reported that Facebook records more than 8 billion video views per day
Last year as a 20 2050% of all contents on Facebook was video
Account with over 100,000 followers on Facebook sport 71% of video content
Only 12% of video posts on Facebook are Livestreams
According to ever-increasing circle in HubSpot Facebook users spend three times more time watching live videos and uploaded videos
Video post have the highest organic engagement on Facebook than any other site HubSpot 49% of consumers engage with branded video content on Facebook double than any other social platform HubSpot
Video is on the rise in LinkedIn
Videos on LinkedIn or share 20 more 20 times more than text articles or posts
80% of the videos on LinkedIn argued with the sound off and 70% have text or captions
According to LinkedIn the optimum length of a video sits between 30 and 90 seconds
Instagram and your brand
In 2021 Instagram has seen an 80% increase in users watching videos on their platform
60% of stories are watched with the sound on
Video post on Instagram he suis twice as much engagement compared to any other type of post
Using stickers on your Instagram stories will increase viewership by 83% Facebook 1/3 of the most watched Instagram stories came from business profiles sprout social
Twitter marketing success
According to Twitter than sales I get 2 billion views on video each day

Videos come from mobile devices

Promoted tweets with videos get 50% more on cost per engagement Twitter
There is a 10% increase on Twitter with tweets with medium
Tick-tock and Snapchat stats
Tick-tock has over 800 million active users worldwide
More than 1 billion videos with you every day influencer marketing hub
On average Americans users spend 46 minutes on TickTock
More than  two 37 billion videos views a month at age
68% of people use TikTok to watch someone else’s video and 55% of video uploaded 55% people uploaded their own videos