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5 Tips for Video Presentation 

Five tips for preparing yourself for your video presentation

We’ve all been there before first, second, third, fifth time you’re going to be on camera and you never really get used to what are some of the nuances which is key takeaways to prepare for that day. From whether it’s what you’re wearing to how well you prepared to how you’re going to come across, sometimes we just forget these things. We don’t do it every day it’s not second nature you’re a five tips from Richmond Corporate Video‘s Iván Alzuro. He has over 30 years experience and presenting in front of the camera and directing behind the camera.

KNOW your subject matter

I’ve seen it too many times, that employee that one manager or owner, for their own reasons never bother to look at the questions or think about their answers. Then at the moment of truth when the lights are on, the cameras rolling and the prompter ask you that first question you draw an absolutely complete blank. Unless you’re one of the very fortunate few, it doesn’t get better after that moment. There are several tips to get you passes first major roadblock. As well as you knowing your subject matter. For example, in all the years that I’ve been involved in production I still prepare whenever I teach class or give a speech. Just because I’ve been doing this all my life doesn’t mean most of this comes to me on immediate recall. I’m sure it’s the same for you. Save yourself from a horrible experience by reading over or at least preparing notes for what you wanna say in your interview or your presentation. Now, you don’t have to reset all this in front of a mirror that is so 80s. You do have to have the confidence of knowing to write down four or five bullet points or however many bullet points you need to prepare for the questions and then think about it.
Flesh out those bullet points out in your head and commit them to memory even if it’s just the night before. As long as you sleep on it and you thought about it pensively you will do well on the day of the shoot. The last thing you want to see as you’re struggling through your interview is looking up to see everyone around you rolling their eyes or postured as if they’re tired and wanting to leave. It may not look nice but it is human nature. Look fantastic come across engaging and compelling by practicing what it is you’re going to say.

Pay attention to how you come offVideo Production for Law Firms

We never really look at ourselves in the mirror when we’re sitting standing talking to another person it’s not natural for 99% of us. And for those 99% here are a few things to think about when you’re ready for your presentation or on camera moment. Do you talk with your hands? That’s perfectly OK but read the room and know your audience. If too much gesticulation becomes a distraction know to taper it down. By the same token, if you’re standing like a statue know that shifting from side to side is a starter or maybe even if you’re presenting take a few steps if you’re in an interview. In a seated chair nod your head or shrug your shoulders as if you were reporting the evening. The more movement you acknowledge to your viewer the more it comes off like a conversation. Careful not to slouch, sit up straight it makes a world of difference between looking professional or an amateur.
Now this includes myself, you got to be careful about the umms when you’re trying to figure out your next thought in the thread of your speak. Knowing your subject matter goes a long way into killing the umms. Lastly, do not abuse and obliterate the use of a synonym specifically the word ‘like’. In this day and age in the professional world nothing is more annoying than using the word ‘like’ in every or every other sentence it just screams to the viewer “hey I’m 12 years old!”

It’s just not for photographs anymore

Smile. No, I’m not talking about the big cheesy grin smile. I’m talking about smile when you talk. You come off more engaging, more pleasant and people want to hear more what you have to say. When you’re serious and have a scowl on your face it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about bad news or good news it just doesn’t come off good at all.
Dress for success
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. When presenting yourself your brand or representing the company you work for it’s important that you help yourself by having people take you seriously. That said, another function of dressing appropriately as for the camera. As it went 60 years ago it still stands today, don’t wear pinstripes they tend to dance all over the screen even in 4K. Try, try and try not to wear harsh contrasting colors or outfits with small designs that become distracting to the viewer.
Also consider if they have to put a lapel mic on you are you wearing an outfit of flimsy material
Where are they going to pin that mic? It’s always good to have a business jacket or blazer to come in and save the day. When directing clients for an upcoming shoot I always let them know that we’ll be using a lapel mic so dress accordingly. They don’t always remember but it makes life a lot easier for everyone when you consider that when selecting you retire. If there’s gonna be a boom mic then this alleviates the problem but don’t always count that there’s gonna be a boom mic at the shoot.
If you wear glasses and there’s lights on the set, can you deliver without needing them on this will keep the reflecting lights from showing up in your glasses. Finally, bring a spare shirt, blouse or jacket just in case your attire clashes with the background or blends perfectly and the only thing we see is just your face.marketing video
Richmond Corporate Video, we’ve been preparing our clients to look their best on camera. Not only  how they present themselves with the spoken word but also how they appear physically. Making a great first impression is still a good thing. If you’re looking for suggestions or some tips feel free to contact us we’d love to help you look good.