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Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater

Creating a Video That’s Clout

How to establish clout with your next video production on social media

If you want to get clout and getting a following then make every single video production post to look like a marvel made it! Include elements to your video that are trending. Fun in camera transitions that attract and engage, we’ll explain later.
Aside form quality transitions, quality lighting. You may not have a light kit like the pros but you can use mother nature to your advantage.  For example, don’t shoot facing the sun, unless you’re going for a silhouette or some avaunt guard motif. Tone, music to pace the message and tempo of your video. Every single millennial knows what you’re talking about so drop the voice over. If the video establishes a vibe, that’s all they’ll ever want to know when they see it. Music and storytelling with just video is all the highly tuned viewer needs to be fed.

Pro tip

Tips on who to hire to make your video production a total vibe. When looking for a video production company to produce your video make sure they understand the aesthetic your looking for. Have them send you a link of their best work, you be the judge. Look at how the productio team uses available backdrops. Does the scenery/composition looks nice? If it’s for a café commercial make sure that you picked a cute café as opposed to whatever is convenient.

Aesthetic that matches the vibe

Sometimes marketing videos seem so untouchable to the audience. The viewer can feel everything. A video that makes you look like ranch because you stayed dressing ( just left us in here to see who was really reading this ).
Music sets the atmosphere. Awesome music tracks gets a bigger audience because nothing draws in an audience like music. They feel like they’re emotionally in the vibe. That means drop the elevator music.

In camera transitions

If you viewed any TikTok videos lately you have a whole transition that has the subject in one place then jumps in place and with a simple edit cut they place in the next clip of them in Chicago! It’s a basic in-camera transition. That means you shoot both clips sequentially to keep the consistency of the effect.
That’s a quick down and dirty on keeping it simple yet picking up clout with the generation with the most disposable income. Speak to them in their terms and they will follow and share.