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What’s involved in video production?

What is involved in video production?

There are 3 major components that determine the cost of a video and they’re all encompassed under what it takes to produce a video. Here are the key components that are involved in video production process;
Pre-production; discussing the strategy and planning of the video
Script writing is 90% of the work that goes into video production, hammering out the words and video treatment that goes to those words is where all the heavy lifting is done. Unfortunately, the hard work in this process is done upfront. On the bright side, when it comes time to record and then go through the editing it’s a more fun experience.
Production; shooting. Knowing the locations and how many people will speak on camera. This helps determine how much production time is needed on the day or days of the shoot. The more time we need, the more it’s gonna cost.
Post production; editing.
Here’s where we determine what bells and whistles are needed in the final production. Does your customer need to see some cool animation or some engaging motion graphics to compel them to the message?
Knowing your customer’s likes and what engages them and keeps their attention is critical. animation, Motion Graphics and how fast you cut from image to image makes a difference on how much time you spend in editing. The process also includes animation, motion graphics, voice over, music and sound effects. As you go through the revision process you will have the opportunity to manage the workflow as well as provide feedback to make sure that you have the perfect video and of course final approval.

Video Production Guidelines

  • For promotional videos, keep the length to under two minutes, and grab the viewer’s attention in the first 5–10 seconds.
  • For social media posts, keep the length under 30 seconds ( thank TikTok for the reduction in time )
  • Use one style for transitions throughout the video. A simple cut is preferred.
  • Make sure your script is approved by all the team members including the bossman/woman.
  • Likewise, when going through the revision rounds make sure the key decision makers are active in the process.

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