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Richmond Corporate Video | Serving Central Virginia & Tidewater

Training Video Company

Training videos are a beneficial way to train new employees or educate customers on a particular product. They can be used internally to get new employees up to speed and ensure everyone receives consistent company information or shared publicly to promote tools or products.

Employee Training Videos are an Engaging

All of us can relate to sitting through a long day of mind-numbing employee training videos, watching someone drone on about how to use a cash register or the appropriate closed-toe shoes to wear while working. At Richmond Corporate Video, we’re on a mission to banish the boring training video and, instead, produce video assets that inform, entertain, and motivate.

There are many benefits of  employee training videos they’re a great way for companies to ensure all employees receive valuable company information in the same format, look at it as an employee training video. A combination of visual and audible elements makes it easier for employees to retain the information, while real-life execution helps demonstrate abstract or complex ideas in a way that is easy to digest.


Explainer Videos are Short Videos that Illustrate Complex Ideas in Engaging & Meaningful Ways


Explainer videos work especially well for training difficult to video instructions. Whether it’s software or elaborate settings animated explainer videos bring the idea to life and simplifies the message. Conversely, training videos are ideal for large groups of people at once or a new employee training video. Instead of explaining a set of instructions or teaching them individually, a training video enables everyone to learn at once.

Common uses of Employee Training Videos include:
  • Product & Service Training Video
  • Human Resources Training & Employee Training Video
  • OSHA & Workplace Safety Training Video
  • Process, Procedure & Business Training Videos
  • Customer Service & Corporate Training Video
  • Employee Motivation & Performance Improvement
Workplace Safety Employee Training Videos

Workplace safety employee training videos and DVDs demonstrate how to minimize workplace injuries in a range of environments. The safety training videos are relevant to the office and the factory, so regardless of the nature of your workplace, these safety training videos can ensure your workplace is safe. For over 10 years Richmond Corporate Video has been helping organizations protect their most valuable asset; its people. More than just knowing what topics you need to train your people on, we are expert at making our video content concise and engaging. The more your safety messages are received and understood, the safer your workplace will be.


Instructional Videos for Customers

In addition to internal company use, instructional videos can also be produced to help customers understand your product’s strengths and benefits. In most situations, a customer who is experiencing difficulty with a product will search online for an instructional video instead of reading a user manual. Having helpful instructional videos that can be easily accessed by customers is a proven way to improve web traffic to your website or YouTube channel. It also helps improve a customer’s trust in your brand by adding a level of customer service and transparency that would otherwise result in help desk calls and complaints.


Richmond Corporate Video has helped numerous Virginia companies create a better understanding of their products features and uses through instructional how-to videos. Whether you need a video for company use or customer service, our team will work with you to produce a high-quality training video, on time and on budget.

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