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Preparing for a Video Testimonial

or just  talking about your business in front of a camera can be very intimidating. Sometimes that lens feels like there’s a 1000 eyes looking at you and that can be very unnerving. With over 14 years of experience and guiding people through interviews and client testimonials in front of the camera allows me to give some pointers that’ll get you prepared, make the process less intimidating but also make you shine.

Read the Room

client testimonial
When you come in for the interview or client testimonial talk it up a little bit with the other people in the room. Consider chatting it up with the director, your boss, your fellow employees even the cameraman! The more small talk you make, the more you loosen up and it helps calm the nerves.

Don’t Wing It

The last thing you want to do is go into the interview with the mentality of  “oh I’ll just wing this it’s no big deal“.  Just about every interviewee forgets, is how intimidating the lights and the camera lens can be. It has an incredible effect and wiping out your memory. I’ve seen it done too many times. Also if you decide to just ramble on it would be an arduous task in the editing room to find out the best words to piece together. It’ll end up sounding and looking like a radio edit. All those choppy sentences effectively distracts the listener and the viewer from what you’re trying to say. I highly recommend having bullet points on an index card in big print.  That way you can look down on your cards and refresh your memory. You’ll look professional and educated. You’ll come across more engaging and genuine and the interviewer and audience will be none the wiser.

Be in Charge of Your Brand

Testimonial Videos

Furthermore, Just know that it’s OK to stumble over a few words or lose your train of thought, it’s very, very common. What you should know is that you have the leverage to ask the director or cameraman to re-ask the question.  Allow yourself a second or even a third try to answer the question correctly. The important thing here it’s a come across knowledgeable and poised. Very few things are as engaging as watching someone talk with authority and command. If you didn’t feel it came off as good as you like, just ask for a retake. They’ll have no problems rephrasing the question again and letting you have another shot.

Smile When you Talk

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Another helpful hint is so many times people don’t realize what the resting face looks like, in some cases someone needs to tell you. When you smile or at least smile when you talk it comes off more genuine and engaging and makes it easier for people to pay attention.

Gesticulate Yes, Fidget Please No!

Some of you reading this are the type to talk with your hands and that’s absolutely fine. You’ll wanna let your cameraman know that  so they can pull a little wider and not cut off part of your message which is your gesticulation. Fidgeting takes away from what you’re trying to say or worse what it is your hiding! If you feel the fidgeting comes from nerves, small talk a little bit with the people. If you feel the fidgeting is coming from not being prepared right a few bullet points on the spot and then flesh it out when you speak.

For over 20 years Richmond Corporate Video has created client testimonials video, corporate videos and has helped prepare owners, management and employees  tell their story in the most engaging and genuine approach. Looking to tell your story to your potential customers? Give us a call, we can help.

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